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2-acrylamido-2-methyl propane sulfonic acid, the English name 2-Acrylamide-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid (abbreviated AMPS).

First, the physical and chemical properties
White powder, melting point 185 ℃, slightly sour taste, with strong moisture absorption. Such as damp, AMPS monomer party that they will occur. Acidic aqueous solution, dissolved in dimethyl formamide, partly soluble in methanol, ethanol, , insoluble in acetone.

Second, the chemical properties
1, the formula: C7H13NO4S
2, molecular weight: 207.24
3, pH value: (by weight) aqueous solution of pH 0.1% value of 2.6, which is neutral sodium salt solution.
4. Stability: stable at room temperature in an aqueous solution, monomers hydrolyzed very slowly, but you must add a polymerization inhibitor to prevent self-polymerization; the aqueous solution of the sodium salt at a pH greater than 9, with excellent. hydrolysis resistance; homopolymer has good thermal stability.
5, the polymerizable: AMPS monomers can be homopolymerized, copolymerized may AMPS average heat of polymerization in water of 22 kcal / Chur, dimethylformamide and water can be used as the polymerization medium.
Three, AMPS Applications
AMPS formulas containing strong anionic, water-soluble sulfur group, an amide group shield and unsaturated double bond, it has excellent overall performance. AMPS good overall, adsorption, biological activity, surface activity, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability can be used for copolymerization can be used for the addition reaction, it can be widely used in water treatment, oil field chemicals, chemical fiber, absorbent materials, plastics, paint, paper, textile, printing and dyeing, biomedicine, magnetic materials and a variety of cosmetics and other fields.
1, water treatment.
2, oilfield chemicals.
3, synthetic fibers.
4, textile pulp.
5, paper agents.

Four: Package: This product is 25kg / bag