Dairui Fu 18K 36W LED nail nail phototherapy machine | Phototherapy lamp

Dairui Fu 18K 36W LED nail nail phototherapy machine | Phototherapy lamp

Product description:

Power: 36W

Input voltage: AC 100-240V, 50-60HZ

Product size: 220 * 186 * 86 (mm)

Weight: 1.9Kg

This nail lamp features:

1, the timing 5S 20S 30S;

2, auto-sensing;

3, you can roast the feet, the bottom cover is the attraction of the magnet can be flexibly removed;
4, on top of the hand pillow, gum, nail polish can also be placed with glue, it is convenient;
5, the slide, according to the lamp when it is pushed down, not dazzling.
Compared to conventional UV nail lamps, LED nail lamps more environmentally friendly, energy saving, health:

1) power. And the same illumination compared to traditional UV lamps, it really is too economical a. A year in electricity, they are enough to buy a few of the lamp.

2) The need to replace the lamp bulb .UV easy to aging, the store has always been a sort of a small problem. Dead than alive, glowing purple, exchange, expensive, does not change, anxious, phototherapy glue somehow quit, a waste of time do not say, the guests there, we did not credibility.

LED life is theoretically a decade, lamp beads are wrapped in epoxy polyester, not man-made destruction, off the ground can only break of the lamp housing.

3) different wavelengths and traditional UV lamps, do not worry about photo black skin, long cancer raw spot with ease.

4) save time. Time is money, the same wattage LED's 30 seconds or even 10 seconds backlight time and UV 3 minutes really is not a starting line. Barbie glue dry quickly according to advantage, so we really can not ignore its existence .

5) environmental protection compared to traditional UV lamps, LED light is no problem of waste lamp recycling difficult, a very supportive of the cause of environmental protection.