Pcd Grinding Machine

Pcd Grinding Machine

Product description:

PCD&PCBN cutter grinder:

GSM-BT2 (GSM150) is a semi-automatic precision cutter grinder.


1. Our PCD&PCBN cutter grinder is suitable for processing and grinding polycrystalline
diamond, cubic boron nitride
, ceramics, hard alloy and other super-hard cutting tools.

2. We adopt high-strength cast iron and molding all-in-one, and it has good rigidity;
The electric spindle runs stably, and has big power and water cooling system.

3. It adopts pneumatic pressure elastic feeding, precise control, constant pressure

4. There is high-precision digital tracking display system in the position of two-spindle.
So the accuracy is in 1 micron or less.

5. We adopt unique optical projection amplification system, processing and measuring
all-in-one. It has high-brightness projection, and accurate knifepoint measurement.