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Resin wrapped aluminum paste

Resin wrapped aluminum paste
  • Resin wrapped aluminum paste
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The company operating the membrane, fluorocarbon, 3C aluminum paste wrapped with a resin having excellent weather resistance and anti-acid properties, weatherability up to 5000 hours, the external walls of fluorocarbon is an ideal choice for home appliances plate coating, and can replace Asahi Kasei and other imported products, if there is a need, a friend can contact me, phone
: 15961430109 Mr. Zhang
The use of resin -coated aluminum particles, aluminum pigment affinity with the resin system and its excellent, excellent adhesion, super anti-acid corrosion, excellent weather resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties. Resin content of the slurry weight 7.5%, a thickness of 0.5um.

typical application
Suitable solvent system .
Advanced industrial decoration, plastic spray, roll aluminum roller, exterior fluorocarbon paint, furniture paint, others require superior weather resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation and other fields of application .