Waterborne silver plating

Waterborne silver plating

Product description:

The company water wrapped aluminum pastes with high gas, exterior wall fluorocarbon, plastic coating, paint, ink an ideal choice, if a friend in need can contact me, the phone
: 15961430109 Mr Zhang
Aqueous aluminium paste is the company independent research and development of organic coated products throughout the production process fully reflects the Green environmental protection idea. The product has the following characteristics:
-: Non-floating silver aluminum particles, organic surface treatment
-: Has good water resistance, low gas release and excellent acid and alkali resistance, weatherability, and easily soluble in water
-Excellent adhesion ability, good flashing effects, changes with the angle
-: Surface treatment, ensure aluminium pigment and resin systems has a very good compatibility and excellent display effect.
Typical application
-: Widely applied to include waterborne inks, water based plastic paint, waterborne architectural coatings such as aqueous system.?