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Aqueous aluminum paste

Aqueous aluminum paste
  • Aqueous aluminum paste
Product code: 23935200001
Unit price: 130-160 CNY
Reference price: 18.89-23.24 USD
Minimum order: 25
Other info: 2500KG Silver
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The company wrapped aqueous aluminum paste, flatulence resistant properties, is ideal for facades fluorocarbon, plastic coatings, paint, ink, and, if there is a need, a friend can contact me, phone
: 15961430109 Mr. Zhang
Aqueous aluminum paste is the company's self-developed products coated with an organic process, the entire production process fully reflects the green concept of the product has the following characteristics :
- : Non -leafing silver dollar -shaped aluminum particles, through organic surface treatment
- : Good water resistance, low acid gas release and excellent weather resistance, and soluble in water
- : Excellent adhesion, flicker effect, with a large angle change
- : Organic surface processing, to ensure that the aluminum pigment and resin system has good compatibility and excellent color development effect .
typical application
- : Widely used in include aqueous inks, water-based plastic coatings, waterborne architectural coatings and other aqueous systems. ?