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5R Moving Beam Light \sharpy 7r moving head lights

5R Moving Beam Light \sharpy 7r moving head lights
  • 5R Moving Beam Light \sharpy 7r moving head lights
Product code: 23934100001
Unit price: 2500 CNY  (363.49 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order: 10
Other info: Black White
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Voltage: AC110-240v 50/60Hz

Led lamp: 200W Philips MSD Platinum 5R or YOUN 5R Oaram230W/ MSD7R

Power: 250W

Protection: IP20

electron ballast and Switching power supply

products size: 523L*337W*511H

carton size: 515X440X725

net weight: 17kg

Display: LCD blue display can be very intuitive to set personalization features

Color: one color wheel , basic color 14 colors + white

Half color effect, linear effect , adjustable speed bi-directional rainbow effect

Diffuser : atomization.

Pattern: 17 fixed gobos + white high-speed jitter

Prism plate: 8 surface rotating prism

Tune focus : DMX linear adjustment

Dimming : Two -piece Dimmer

Strobe : 0.3 to 10 times / sec.

Rotation angle: horizontal 540 °, vertical 270 °

Beam angle: Lens set of optical systems, electric focusing, beam angle 0 ~ 4 ° parallel beam of laser light is similar

Control: International standard DMX512 signal , 16 control channels

Other features: horizontal, vertical speed adjustable , horizontal, vertical, using optical coupling system reset , when the malfunction occurred by chance , you can automatically retrieve homing , cooling system well enough , overheating protection with a photodetector , light bulb delay, for lamp and control system protection, improve lighting stability , through an external console or lamp in the front panel control window , edit stored procedures to run the lamp body CPU, the console can run without programming or run the program, and can be save 16 scenes.