6 masks Bowl Set | diy homemade mask tool mask brush mask stick compression meter beauty

6 masks Bowl Set | diy homemade mask tool mask brush mask stick compression meter beauty

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Latin pull Mask Bowl Set (meter ...
  • Color Classification: light purple (bowl) light green (bowl) Purple (small bowl) light purple (cup) orange pink (bowl) orange pink (small bowl) Cyan (bowl) light green (small bowl) Cyan (bowl) color random (bowl)
  • Beauty tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: Mask Bowl
  • Beauty Tools varieties: Mask Bowl
  • Brand: pull Latin America
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: Mask Bowl Set (meter stick Mask + Mask bowl + Mask + Brush)
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications

Now this new paragraph style bowl, bowl capacity is 2 times the cup!

(All of the following pictures is still a small bowl, bowl picture will be uploaded as soon as possible)

Large shipments of this paragraph, the production of different batches of color have a slight color difference, please understand! Also basically four kinds of colors are in stock, if you can only select [Random Color] can be used directly to the desired message Remarks color, this color will be issued if there is this color.

product brand: Latin America Pull / Lameila
product name: Latin pull six masks Bowl Set

Mask Bowl 1, a mask stick, Mask brush 1, Meter 3

Product packaging: Paper card plastic packaging
For the crowd: All groups
Standard: Q / WNSHZ1-2011
Instructions for use:

After thoroughly cleaning the face, put the right amount of powder mask mask bowl, add cosmetic solution or plain water, but also according to individual needs to add capacity US soft white powder, with a mask to help tune after all, with the mask.

1, mask bowl: use environmentally friendly plastic, soft, flexible, so Easy to use, size medium.

2, mask stick: The Environmental protection Plastic, feel good. Used to stir, apply the mask.

3, mask brush: soft brush, made of nylon hair, feel comfortable;

4, Meter: with three different sizes, according to the amount can be obtained according to different needs.

Mask is very professional thing to do, choose a good tool to have a multiplier effect
Mask their own tune, easy DIY, save money save time and health!

5, refer to the following size details.