18pcs in four LED head full color

18pcs in four LED head full color

Product description:

Voltage: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 180W

Lamp beads: 18PCSX10W LED (4 in 1)

Size: 380*360*250mm

Weight: 9.5kg

14 standard DMX512 channel

X-axis 540 degrees and 630 degrees optional closed-loop system with self-recovery

Y-axis 280 degrees, with a closed-loop system from recovery

Independent horizontal and vertical linear speed

Scan trimming, X / Y-axis scanning segments pinpoint 16BIT

Electronic dimming : 10-100% linear regulator

Variety Strobe : 1-18 times / sec (conventional strobe, lightning flash, random strobe.

Sudden fade dark strobe lights suddenly dimming strobe. ) Linear regulator

RGB256*256*256 pole Promise color

Control mode: DMX512 signal control mode, the master-slave control mode

(Multi-sync) with a self-propelled program voice mode.

Closed light positioning operation function.

To X / Y-axis editing a single lamp or group of forward and reverse lights on the console.