7pcs 12W led beam light

7pcs 12W led beam light

Product description:

Voltage Rating: AC100 ~ 240V

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 120W

Number of channels: 15 channels

Lamp beads: 7pcs * 12W CREE 4 Four

Lamp beads life: about 50000 hours

Color: red, green and blue

Beam angle: 10 degrees

Rotation angle: Horizontal 540 ° / 630 °, vertical 240 °, automatic error correction

Number of Channels: 15 channels

Control mode: DMX mode, master-slave mode, voice mode, self-propelled mode

Protection: IP20

Working bad environment: Indoor

Ambient temperature: -30 ~ +40 ℃

Dimensions: L250 * W150 * H270mm

Weight: 5kg