Moving Head Searchlight outdoor lagre power lamp factory

Moving Head Searchlight outdoor lagre power lamp factory

Product description:

Lamp: XHA10000 / 7000W/ 5000W/ 2KW

LED Lamp Life: 600 hours Color

temperature: 6000K

Protection: IP44

Special reflector, maximum brightness

Scanning angle: 345 degrees horizontal, vertical 275 degrees, with a photosensitive error correction coding.

Automatic calibration fixture reset, losing step, more accurate positioning

Shutter: a linear dimming and strobe Lamp switch: DMX512 signal control

Color: White + CMY color changing with the system, a variety of colors can be combined

Beam: 250mm diameter parallel light output size, white effective range 7KM, visual distance of about 9KM

Control: DMX512 signal from a single self-propelled main self-propelled machine

The new smart board.

Under the circumstances do not need to console display panel programming.

Stand-alone mode and achieve self-propelled self-propelled master and slave mode.

Performance is more stable than traditional motherboards