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Bee flowers Qing granule, herbal treatment of prostate leader

Bee flowers Qing granule, herbal treatment of prostate leader
  • Bee flowers Qing granule, herbal treatment of prostate leader
  • Bee flowers Qing granule, herbal treatment of prostate leader
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(Product Name)
Chinese Name: bee flowers Qing particles
Pinyin: Feng Hua Qian Qing Ke Li
English Name: Bee Pollen Tea Granule

Bee pollen, Epilobium, Houttuynia, Dandelion, Purslane, Lactose

Yellow brown granule; tastes sweet, has natural herbal smell, without abnormal taste.

Clear metabolic toxins and the syndrome of damp-heat, diminish inflammation and relieve stranguria, relieve symptoms associated with prostatic diseases such as difficult urinating, getting up during the night to urinate, hesitation at the start of urination, and decreased urinary flow.

(Applicable people)
Patients with acute, chronic prostatitis or BPH.

1. Brewed with hot or boiled water.
1 bags / time, 3-4 times / day.
1 box / course, 1-3 courses for mild patients, 3-6 courses for severe patients.
2. For patients with pathogens infections, antibiotics need to be used cooperatively to have better efficacy.
The options recommended: levofloxacin combined with erythromycin or roxithromycin or azithromycin, or other similar combination Take courses according to antibiotics product specification requirements (around 2-4 weeks), or use antibiotics by the method of transfusion..

(Adverse reaction) No adverse reaction reported.

1. Do not need to use other prostatic medicines meanwhile. DO NOT take Harnal (Tamsulosin), Terazosin, Phenoxybenzamine or other α1 antagonist prostatic medicines during the treatment, otherwise may worsen the disease.
2. DO NOT apply to women in pregnancy.

(Matters need attention)
1. During the treatment, keep good rest and moderate exercise. Do not catch cold or get flu. Abstain from spicy foods (some people better abstain beef, lamb, dog's meat, sea foods etc.). Avoid excessive sexual life, tobacco , alcohol, sedentary and stay up late, otherwise the effect will be affected.

2. During the treatment, patients should pay attention to personal hygiene, and some patients need to be couple's together treatment, so as to avoid re-infection.

3. Please take medicines according to above directions persistently to have maximum efficacy. Pay attention to consolidate efficacy when symptoms gone. And during the treatment, other prostatic medicines are not needed except antibiotics.

(Pharmacologic actions)
1, Contains Cernilton from bee pollen, which can restrain the activity of 5α-reductase, reduce the level of 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in prostate.

2, According to research, Bee Pollen Tea Granule can increase the density of Zinc ion in prostate. And according to some reports, prostatic diseases are closely related to the low density of Zinc ion in prostate.

3, The traditional herbal ingredients in the tea have effects to clear metabolic toxins and the syndrome of damp-heat, protect liver, relieve stranguria and enhance body immunity. Experimental results show, the tea can largely enhance the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) in prostate, thus reduce the free radical's damages to the prostatic tissue.

4, Contains natural botanical compositions: Houttuynin, Taraxasterol and Taraxacin, which have obvious effects to resist bacteria, diminish inflammation and eliminate carbuncle, acting as natural antibiotics.

(Drug interaction)
Bee Pollen Tea Granule can improve the permeability of prostate gland capsule, so that antibiotics can access to prostate better. So for patients with pathogens infections, antibiotics can be used cooperatively.

Bee Pollen Tea Granule has resistance effect with some other chemical medicines for prostatic diseases so do not use at the same time.

(Storage) Sealed, stored dry, cool and dark.

(Packing) 10g / bag, 30 bags / box

(Shelf life) 24 months

(Executive Standard) Q / KWL07-2006

(Permission License No.) Yun Wei food card characters (2007) No. 530 102 002 949

(QS No.) QS5301 1402 0012

(Manufacturer Info)
Manufacturer: Kunming Aolym Biotech Co., Ltd.

Address: M2-4-4, Bio-medicine Industrial Park, High Tech Industry Development Zone of Kunming, Yunnan, China.