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  • Curdlan
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English name: Curdlan
Other names: curdlan; thermal gelation
CAS: 54724-00-4
Level: Biotech grade
Colloid characteristics: water retention, heat resistance, freezing, etc.
Gel strength:: curdlan gel strength with the rise of heating temperature and raise additional gel strength but also with curdlan concentrations rise and improve.
Characters: Powder insoluble in water, not soluble in most organic solvents, but can be dissolved in an alkaline solution such as NaOH colloid their nature curdlan form can be divided into heat reversible and height of the available natural colloids. aqueous dispersion glue is heated to about 55 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ and then cooled to below about 40 ℃, it can form a low heat reversible gel. When this low colloid and then is heated to about 60 ℃, can recover When the original aqueous dispersion state. The aqueous dispersion of curdlan is heated to above about 80 ℃, it will be able to form a strong heat irreversibility of highly colloidal
Purpose: research, experiment a food additive, a heating gelation uniqueness, the food industry is mainly used in surface, aquatic products processing, meat processing (. Sausage, ham), tofu processing, production, and other jelly aspect.
Save: 2 ~ 8 ℃, the shelf life of 3 years