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D- trehalose

D- trehalose
  • D- trehalose
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English name: D- (+) -Trehalose dihydrate
Other names: Loulu sugar; D- mushroom sugar; trehalose dihydrate; α-D- pyran (type) glucosyl -α-D- glucopyranoside
CAS: 6138-23-4
C12H22O11 • 2H2O = 378.33
Purity:.. ≥99 0%
PH (30% Solution): 4.5 ~ 6.5
Residue on ignition: ≤0.05%
Heavy Metal: ≤5ppm
Properties: white crystalline powder, generally called trehalose namely D- trehalose, sweet melting point of 96.5 ~ 97.5 ℃ + 178 ° rotation can be dissolved in hot water and alcohol, insoluble in ether, Fiji can not be... Lin solution reduction, lose crystal water at 130 ℃. non-reducing sugar trehalose is a special disaccharide molecules, features very stable, it is possible under the harsh conditions of heat, cold, dehydration and other cell surface and dried to form a special protective film, effective conservation of biological molecular structure is not destroyed, in order to maintain life processes and biological characteristics of the living body
Purpose: research, experiments with stable biofilm trehalose (membrane) and protein structure and anti-drying effect, such as enzymes and other enzymes, membranes, antibodies, antigens, genetic engineering and other organelles, food processing, chemical and other It can also be applied to the protection of biological products.
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