Product description:

English name : Sodium alginate
Other names : sodium alginate; sodium alginate protein; gum, sodium alginate; sodium alginate; sodium alginate
CAS: 9005-38-3
Molecular structure Unit : Theory 198.11, the average real value of 222.00, macromolecular 32000-250000
Level : AR grade
Loss on drying : ≤22.0%
Glial : Qualified
Starch : Qualified
Lead : ≤0.001%
Viscosity (10g / L, 20 ℃) ​​/ (Pa • s): ≥0.02
Characters : White or light yellow powder made ​​of a hydrophilic polysaccharide from seaweed kelp plants, almost odorless and tasteless wet sensitive, slow dissolve in water to form viscous colloidal solution, insoluble in alcohol, ether and chloroform. and a pH of less than 3 acid. the solution was heated non-condensing 1 % aqueous solution pH of 6-8, the viscous stable at pH 6-9, and heated to above 80 ℃ is less viscous .
Purpose : research, experiments do stabilizers, thickeners, artificial semipermeable membrane, mordant
Save : RT