L- sorbose

L- sorbose

Product description:

English name : L-Sorbose
Other names : Herbal tea sugar; Sorbus sugar
CAS: 87-79-6
C6H12O6 = 180.16
Specific Rotation : -40.5 ~ -44.0º
Chloride : ≤0.005%
Sulfate : ≤0.01%
Heavy Metal : ≤0.001%
Residue on ignition : ≤0.1%
Characters : white crystalline powder sweetness similar to sucrose, may restore Fehling solution hygroscopic, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, methanol, ethyl ether and isopropyl alcohol, insoluble in ether, benzene, alcohol and chloroform. sweet .
Purpose: research, experiments do formulated biological medium, animal and microbial metabolism of vitamin C intermediates.
Save : RT, dark