Product description:

English name : Laminarin from Laminaria digitata
Other names : Laminarin
CAS: 9008-22-4
C18H30O14X2 = 470.42
Solubility : clear to slightly hazy colorless to yellow solution at 20mg / ml in water
Specific rotation : -10 to -30º (c = 2 in water)
Characters : A white or pale yellow powder polysaccharide found in brown seaweed, kelp mainly in the aggregate for the line of the body, by the β- (1 → 3) cross -linked glucose residues, containing a small amount of β- (1 → 6) cross -linked as an intermediate or a branch point residues containing 2% ~ 3% D- mannitol as a terminal group. hygroscopic. there are two forms of water-soluble or water-insoluble
Purpose : research, experimental substrate laminarin β- glucanase enzyme test
Save : RT