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  • Chitosan
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English name: Chitosan
Other names: chitosan; chitin; chitosan; chitin; 2-amino -β-14- glucan; glycosaminoglycan; poly-D- glucosamine; chitosan; chitosan quality; chitosan; soluble chitin; shell sugar glucosamine; 4-2- amino - deoxy -β-D- glucan
CAS: 9012-76-4
(C6H11O4N) n
MW: molecular weight of about 1.5 * 105, a viscosity of about 100mPa • s; molecular weight of about 4 * 105, viscosity of about 200mPa • s; molecular weight 6 * 105, viscosity of about 400mPa • s
Ethyl degrees off DAC: ≥90%
Purity: ≥90%
Viscosity (Mpa S.): 100 ~ 400
PH: 7.0 ~ 9.0
Appearance: white or light yellow powder insoluble in water, soluble in dilute acid, it can be absorbed by the body Chitosan is a derivative of chitin level of a chemical structure of a polymer with a basic polysaccharide polymer cation... , and has a unique physical and chemical properties and biological activation function
Uses: scientific research, experiment Widely used in textiles, printing and dyeing, leather, paints, cigarettes, plastics, cosmetics, food, feed, medicine, health, color film, paper, bio-engineering, agricultural crop protection, sewage treatment depending on the viscosity.
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