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Sorbic acid

Sorbic acid
  • Sorbic acid
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English name: Sorbic acid
Other names: 24-adipic acid; 2-propenyl acrylic; 13-pentadiene acid; Sorbus acid; Herbal tea acid
CAS number: 110-44-1
Content: ≥ 99%
Melting point: 132~135℃
Ethanol solubility test: qualified
Residue on ignition: ≤ 0.1%
Description: white needle Crystal or crystalline powder, long-term placement in air oxidizing discoloration. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, chloroform. Very soluble in diethyl ether. Solubility: 30 c in water is 0.25%,  3.8% 100 ℃, 20 ℃ to 5.5% propylene glycol, ethanol and methanol as  12.9%, 20% alcohol 0.29%, glacial acetic acid 11.5% acetone  9.2%, p-2.3%, carbon tetrachloride is 1.3%, 0.28% cyclohexane, dioxane for 11
Purpose: research and experiments. Inhibitors of mold and yeast, food preservatives, dry oil denaturing agents, fungicides.
Save: RT, protected from light