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D- sub cotton candy

D- sub cotton candy
  • D- sub cotton candy
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English name : D- (+) -Raffinose pentahydrate
Other names : raffinose; five water close three sugar; beet sugar; raffinose pentahydrate; honey in three sugar; raffinose
CAS: 17629-30-0
C18H32O16 • 5H2O = 594.51
Level : Ultra Pure Grade
Content : ≥98.0%
Specific rotation (10%, Water): 103 ~ 107 °
Heavy Metal : ≤0.001%
Loss on drying: 13 to 17%
Properties: white crystalline powder, easily absorbing moisture from the cotton seed cake flour hydrolysis or beet molasses obtained a three from the right-handed sugar galactose, D- glucose and L- fructose composition of each molecule is crystallized from an aqueous solution with a. .. there are five molecular crystal water, slowly heated to lose crystal water at 100 ℃. anhydrous melting point of 118 ~ 119 ℃. Soluble in water, pyridine. very slightly soluble in ethanol. there are right optical
Purpose : research, experiment microbiological culture media, bacteriology as an intestinal bacteria identification
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