D- ribose

D- ribose

Product description:

English name : D- (-) -Ribose
Other names : D- ribose crisp; heterosexual gum sugar
CAS: 50-69-1
C5H10O5 = 150.13
Level : High Purity Grade
Content : ≥98.0%
Specific Rotation : -19.7 ~ -21.5º
Heavy Metal : ≤0.001%
Loss on drying : ≤3.0%
Properties: white crystal or slightly yellow crystal or crystalline powder, in line with Fehling test, have a refreshing taste of sweetness, a great solubility in water
Purpose : research, experiment D- ribose in vivo genetic material is an important component of nucleic acid substances in nucleoside substances, protein, fat metabolism in the hub location, has important physiological functions
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