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L- rhamnose

L- rhamnose
  • L- rhamnose
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English name : L (+) -Rhamnose monohydrate
Other names : mannose- 6-deoxy -L-; methyl pentose; L- isopropyl alcohol sweet
CAS: 10030-85-0
C6H12O5 • H2O = 182.17
Content : ≥98.0%
Specific rotation : + 7.5º ~ + 8.5º
Residue on ignition : ≤0.15%
Melting point : 90.0 ~ 92.0 ℃
Characters : mannose 6 of a hydroxyl group is hydrogen -substituted derivatives, namely mannose- 6-deoxy -L- white crystalline powder, soluble in water and methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, which was crystallized in two forms. . α -type and β -type α -type crystal water -containing molecule, crystallization of water lost after heating, into a β -type ( molecular weight 164.16); β -type highly absorbent, absorbing moisture in the air into α -type common to α. -L- rhamnose, sweet, in an aqueous solution to form pyran. A reduction, generate buckthorn acid oxidation with bromine to produce L- Arab trihydroxypregna Ge oxidized nitric acid. with sodium amalgam principles have also rhamnosus alcohol. the sweetness of 33 % sucrose
Purpose: research, experiment .
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