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DL- lactic acid

DL- lactic acid
  • DL- lactic acid
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English name : DL-Lactic acid
Other names : lactic acid; 2-hydroxy acid; α- hydroxy acid; (±) -2- hydroxy- propionic acid; DL-α- hydroxy acid
CAS: 50-21-5
C3H6O3 = 90.08

Level : CP
Content : ≥85.0%
Sulfate : ≤0.001%
Chloride : ≤0.005%
Aldehyde : Qualified
Water solubility test : Qualified
Easy carbonized material : Qualified
Heavy Metal : ≤0.001%
Residue on ignition : ≤0.1%
Iron : ≤0.002%
Properties: colorless or slightly yellow slightly hygroscopic nature of thick, clear liquid, with water, alcohol and glycerin mixed arbitrary, almost insoluble in chloroform, petroleum ether and carbon disulfide
Use: Biochemical studies Sanso food and spices, preservatives, preparation lactate, plasticizers, complexometric titration analysis, magnesium and aluminum, measured by plasma carbon dioxide combining power, determination of copper and zinc
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