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Disulfide erythritol

Disulfide erythritol
  • Disulfide erythritol
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English name : DTE; DL-Dithioerythritol; erythro-14-Dimercapto-23-butanediol; Cleland's reagent
Other names : dithio erythritol; 14- dithio erythritol; dithioerythritol; dithio erythritol; dithiophosphoric red small four alcohol; 14- dimercapto -23- butanediol; dithio erythritol; disulfide red grass alcohol
CAS: 6892-68-8
C4H10O2S2 = 154.25
Level : Ultra Pure Grade
Content : ≥99.0%
Melting point : 81 ~ 85 ℃
Solubility (5%, water) complete A285: (0.15
Properties: white crystalline powder, soluble in water
Use: Biochemical studies mercapto group or a disulfide bond reducing agent disulfide erythritol dithiothreitol are mutually isomers, but also known as Cleland 's reagent (Cleland's reagent) them.. . have protected thiol group (-SH) from oxidation, while allowing disulfide quantitatively reduced to the role of thiol group, is to cut off the main protein disulfide bonds biochemical reagents
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