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  • Pectin
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English name : Pectin; Poly (14-alpha-D-galacturonide)
Other names : pectin; vegetable phlegmatic
CAS: 9000-69-5

Level : High purity grade
Extract Source : Apple
Galacturonic acid (Galacturonic acid) content : ≥65.0%
PH (2.5% solution): 2.6 ~ 3.0
Degree of esterification (DE): 70 ~ 78%
Loss on drying : ≤8.0%

Heavy Metal : ≤15mg / kg

Lead : ≤5mg / kg

Arsenic : ≤2mg / kg
Characters : light beige powder, no odor, 20 times more soluble in water was viscous liquid, and negatively charged particles with hydrophilic, acidic hygroscopic, not soluble in ethanol and other organic solvents dilute sugar. and gelled acid has become semi-solid jelly pectin is the general term for a class of polysaccharides, according to the composition of pectin may have a homogeneous polysaccharides and heteropolysaccharides two types : homogeneous type polysaccharides such as pectin D- galactosidase glycans, L- and D- arabinan galacturonic acid polysaccharides like; heteropolysaccharide pectin most common, is a galacturonic acid glycans, galactans and arabinan composition in different proportions, usually called pectin acid.
Use: Biochemical studies of food thickeners and stabilizers .
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃