Ferrous lactate

Ferrous lactate

Product description:

English name : Ferrous lactate; Iron (II) lactate
Other names : lactate low iron; 2-hydroxy acid ferrous salts; α- hydroxy acid ferrous
CAS: 5905-52-2
C6H10O6Fe • 3H2O = 288.04

Level : BR
The total content : ≥98.0%
The total iron content : ≥18.9%
Ferrous content : ≥18.0%
Moisture ( dry basis ): ≤2.5%
Calcium ( calcium dollars ): ≤1.2%
Heavy Metal : ≤20mg / kg
Appearance: greenish white to beige crystalline solid, 1g the materials can be dissolved in about 40ml freshly brewed cold water or 12ml boiling water, aqueous soluble band from green to lemon green solution pH, almost insoluble in alcohol deliquescent. exposure to air pigmentation. slightly sweet odor and taste of iron
Use: Biochemical research .
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