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Benzyl chloroformate

Benzyl chloroformate
  • Benzyl chloroformate
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English name: CBZ-CL; Benzyl chloroformate; Carbobenzoxy chloride; Z-chloride
Other names: phenyl chloroformate methyl ester; benzyloxy carbonyl chloride; benzyloxycarbonyl chloride; benzyl chloride; carbobenzoxy chloride; chlorobenzyl acid ester; benzyloxy carbonyl chloride; benzyloxycarbonyl chloride
CAS: 501-53-1
C8H7ClO2 = 170.59
Level: BR
Content: ≥96.0%
Specific gravity: 1.2110 ~ 1.2150
Refractive index: 1.5160 ~ 1.5200
Color: (100APHA
Iron: (2ppm
Acidity: (0.3%
Stabilizer: 0.1% anhydrous sodium carbonate
Traits: colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid with a pungent odor, dissolved in acetone, ether and other organic solvents, decomposition in water and ethanol boiling point: 130 ℃ / 20mmHg; flash point:. 92 ℃; Melting point: -20 ℃
Use: Biochemical studies of organic synthesis intermediate.
Save:. RT under normal storage conditions of the product may change as benzyl chloride