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  • Collagen
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English name : Collagen
Other names : collagen hydrolyzate; glue hydrolyzate; collagen hydrolyzate; Collagen
CAS: 9007-34-5

Level : BR

Type : Type II

Chains : [a1 (Ⅱ)] 3
Characters : White or light yellow powder bovine film or chicken sternum cartilage extract or mouse soluble in water, acetic acid is heated for a long time in the water, changing the structure and becomes gelatin in acid, alkali, enzymes or high temperature, gradually break down. .. Finally, hydrolysis of α- eighteen kinds of amino acids, mainly glycine, alanine (44% ). its structure includes 18 types of collagen, such as collagen workers, Ⅱ, III, IV, V, VI, etc., and in the main types I-IV .
Use: Biochemical studies
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃