Bovine hemoglobin

Bovine hemoglobin

Product description:

English name : Hemoglobin from bovine blood; Hb; Bovine hemoglobin; Methemoglobin
Other names : hemoglobin (bovine blood); hemoglobin; blood cell hormone; blood cell mass; redness of the skin protein; hemoglobin
CAS: 9008-02-0
Molecular Weight: ~ 64500

Level : BR
Content ( N gauge ): ≥15.0%
Loss on drying : ≤10.0%
Residue on ignition : ≤2.0%
Water solubility test : Qualified
Ultraviolet absorbance (406nm; 0.125g / L; 1cm): ≥0.88
Appearance: reddish-brown powder, it is an iron complex vertebrate red blood cells allosteric protein binding is made by the heme and globin, globin accounts for about 96 percent, accounting for 4 percent of heme containing four polypeptide chains. each peptide chain contains a heme group, heme iron is divalent, when combined with oxygen, its chemical price unchanged form oxyhemoglobin. was bright red, after the oxygen dissociation with light blue
Use: Biochemical studies may break the cell wall .

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