Product description:

English name : Zein
Other names : Millet glial
CAS: 9010-66-6
Content : ≥92.0%
Moisture : ≤8.0%
Properties: white or yellow corn protein to brown powder, granular or flaky, a density of about 1.226, can be dissolved in 90% ethanol, propanol, acetic acid, phenol, etc., can be dissolved in 1.4% or 1.97% caustic soda. caustic potash solution, insoluble in water, but can absorb moisture from 2% to 10% during the course of time is not dry or placed in a solvent that is insoluble in the above solvent variability in the dry state, no decomposition below 135 ℃
Purpose: research, experiments can be used as plywood and soft wood glue, foaming agents, emulsifiers, also used for making paints, water-soluble ink and chemical fiber etc. This product is for research use .
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