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Con A

Con A
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English name: Concanavalin A (jack bean); Con A
Other names: concanavalin A; Con; concanavalin A; Con A; bean protein A ball
CAS: 11028-71-0

Rating: pure affinity chromatography
Hemagglutination vitality: 1.95ug / ml (when Con A concentration of 1.95mg / ml, can avoid the occurrence of agglutination of red blood cells, red blood cells their ability to avoid aggregation may be D- glucose (D-Glc), D- mannose (D-Man), N- acetylglucosamine (N-GlcNAc), and sucrose inhibition)
Lymphocyte transformation rate:) 75%

Electrophoresis: polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) in PH8.9, Tris-EDTANa2-borate buffer, and displays a major protein band and a band to the protein, consistent with the standards.
A plant purified by affinity chromatography freeze-dried salt-free lyophilized powder was dissolved in water, saline or buffer solution clarity, no insolubles extract derived from beans and peas and other grains in: traits. lectin. tetrameric immunoglobulin, the molecular weight of 102000. per 237 amino acid residues containing subunit molecular weight of 25500, a combination of a Ca2 + and Mn2 +, having a carbohydrate binding site. with α- mannose, α- glucose (membrane glycoprotein) specific binding, binding site requirements are α-D- mannopyranosyl or α-D-glucopyranose six-membered ring of C-3 / C-4 and C-6 is unsubstituted hydroxy can be mixed with with α-12 glycosidic linkage mannose mannose trisaccharide and disaccharide has the greatest affinity
Use: Biochemical studies it is promoting cell mitogen (mito-gen), mainly T lymphocytes stimulate action, and animal sperm agglutination of red blood cells, inhibition of tumor cell motility and prolong allograft survival time of an important role. biochemical and immunological research reagents.
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