Rabbit actin

Rabbit actin

Product description:

English name : Actin from rabbit muscle
CAS: 51005-14-2

Molecular weight : 43 kDa

Level : BR
Content : ≥85% (SDS-PAGE)
Protein content : ≥80% (biuret)
Characters : white or almost white powder commonly found in various types of cells in the nucleus of a muscle structural proteins, myofibrillar filaments main component which is composed of a single polypeptide chain consisting of spherical molecular structure, have. directivity, commonly known as globular actin (G- actin ); when the increase in ionic strength of the solution, in the presence of Mg2 +, a plurality (300 ~ 400) G- actin polymerization according to the same forward and backward directions growing chain, said fibrous - actin (F- actin ) filaments in the myofibrils to two F- actin chains intertwined double helix .
Use: Biochemical studies actin, actin-binding protein and actin -related proteins involved in the cell nucleus protein co- actin regulation of form and function, including actin monomers and polymerization conversion form chromatin. restructuring, regulation of gene transcription, mRNA processing, and transport and many other important physiological functions.
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