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γ- globulin ( bovine )

γ- globulin ( bovine )
  • γ- globulin ( bovine )
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English name : γ-Globulins from bovine blood; Bovine γ-Globulin
Other names : bovine gamma globulin; ordinary gamma globulin
CAS: 9007-83-4

Molecular Weight : 43KDa

Level : BR
Content (CAF): 96 ~ 100%
PH (7% solution): 6.8 ~ 7.2
Moisture : ≤5.0%
Appearance: white or almost white powder, dissolved in saline and standard buffer a neutral protein molecules are spherical molecules based on neutral or alkaline conditions, to the lowest anode electrophoretic mobility (electrophoretic mobility) to distinguish. a Class of serum globulin. when serum gel electrophoresis, due to electro-osmosis (electroendosmosis) of gamma globulin can migrate to the anode
Use: Biochemical studies .Suitable to reduce non-specific adsorption of antibody in immunoassay systems Starting material for the isolation of IgG subclasses.
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