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γ- globulin

γ- globulin
  • γ- globulin
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English name : γ-Globulins from human blood; Human γ-Globulin
Other names : human gamma globulin; ordinary gamma globulin
CAS: 9007-83-4

Level : BR

MW: to 150,000
Content (CAF): 96 ~ 100%
PH (7% solution): 6.8 ~ 7.2
Moisture : ≤5.0%
Properties: yellow powder white or white in the band dissolved in saline and standard buffer from healthy people who have gamma globulin and separation derived from human placental blood derived from placental blood isolated gamma globulin gamma two products. .. It refers globulin serum protein electrophoresis in agar position located γ- globulin
Use: Biochemical research for protective passive immunity .
Save : 2 ~ 8 ° C