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Recombinant human insulin

Recombinant human insulin
  • Recombinant human insulin
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English name : Insulin Human recombinant; Insulin, recombinant human

Other names : glargine; human insulin; human insulin
CAS: 11061-68-0
C257H383N65O77S6 = 5807.57

Level : BR
Content : ≥98%
Insulin potency : ≥27.5u / mg (Dry basis)
Solubility : Clear colorless solution at 10mg plus 0.5ml of 0.01M hydrochloric acid or 20 mg / ml of 10 mM HC1
Loss on drying : ≤10.0%
Properties: White or almost white crystalline powder consisting of A, B two peptide chains A chain 21 has 11 kinds of amino acids, B -chain has 15 kinds of 30 amino acids, a total of 16 kinds of amino acids 51 wherein A7 (Cys.. ) -B7 (Cys), A20 (Cys) -B19 (Cys) in the four cysteines forming two disulfide bonds mercapto group, so that a, B two chains are connected. Further a chain A6 (Cys) and there is a disulfide bond between the A11 (Cys).
Uses : Biochemical studies of insulin is the only body to lower blood sugar hormone, and only while promoting glycogen, fat, protein synthesis mechanism of hormone receptor tyrosine kinase belonging to the mechanism .
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