SDS-PAGE protein ultra-low molecular weight peptides

SDS-PAGE protein ultra-low molecular weight peptides

Product description:

English name : Super low range protein MW marker
Other names : SDS-PAGE ultra-low molecular weight standards
Molecular weight range : 3400 ~ 20100 Dalton

Level : BR
Specifications: 20 / 160ul / support
Trypsin inhibitor : molecular weight 20,100 daltons, 40μg
Hen egg white lysozyme : MW 14400 Dalton, 40μg
Polypeptide ABI-80: molecular weight 7600 Daltons, 40μg
Polypeptide ABI-81: molecular weight 6200 Daltons, 40μg
Polypeptide ABI-95: molecular weight 3400 Daltons, 40μg
Appearance: Liquid, please refer to the manual operation strictly use
Use: Biochemical studies to determine the molecular weight peptides and small proteins on SDS-PAGE, the product consists of three peptides and two low molecular weight proteins.
Save : -20 ° C