4.1-66kDa low-range molecular weight MARK

4.1-66kDa low-range molecular weight MARK

Product description:

English Title : Low range protein MW marker
Molecular weight range : 4100 - 66,000

Level : BR
Specifications: 10 / 30ul / support
Product Description : For a group of good purified protein mixture in an electrophoretic gel showing nine band : 4.1kD, 6.5kD, 9.5kD, 14.4kD, 20kD, 27kD, 35kD, 45kD, 66kD

Characters : Pre- dyed blue liquid, the product has been dissolved in loading buffer with Hoefer electrophoresis system, 8 * 12cm plastic, for 10 times on the sample, it is recommended to use separating gel concentration of 15 %.
Use: Biochemical studies used to determine the protein 's molecular weight
Save : -20 ° C