SDS-PAGE low molecular weight protein standard

SDS-PAGE low molecular weight protein standard

Product description:

English name: SDS-PAGE Molecular low weight markers for proteins
Other names: Low-molecular MARK; SDS- polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of low molecular weight protein standards
Molecular weight range: 14400 ~ 97400 Dalton

Level: BR
Specifications: 20 / 240ug / Support
Rabbit phosphorylase B: molecular weight 97,400 Daltons; 40μg
Bovine serum albumin: MW 66200 Dalton; 40μg
Rabbit actin: molecular weight 43,000 Daltons; 40μg
Bovine carbonic anhydrase: MW 31000 Dalton; 40μg
Trypsin inhibitor: MW 20100 Dalton; 40μg
Egg lysozyme: MW 14400 Dalton; 40μg
Character: lyophilized powder, when used strictly refer to the manual operation
Use: Biochemical studies Determination of protein molecular weight.
Save: -20 ° C