19-119kDa previously stained molecular MARK

19-119kDa previously stained molecular MARK

Product description:

English name : Prestained Protein Molecular weight Mark
Molecular weight range : 19000-119000

Level : BR
Size : 2 * 0.25ml
Product description : A mixture of purified protein covalently coupled to a blue chromophore The protein concentrations are optimized to yield 6 blue bands afer SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, the marker is supplied pre-diluted with gel loading buffer for direct loading onto an SDS-PAGE. gel. Sufficient for 100 mini gel applications (5u / well) or 50 large gel applications (10ul / well)
It presents six bands on the electrophoresis gel : 19kDa, 24 kDa, 31kDa, 46kDa, 79kDa, 119 kDa
Storage Buffer: 62.5mM tris-HC1 (pH7.5 at 25 ℃), 1mM EDTA, 2% SDS, 10Mm DTT, 1.5mM NaN3 and 33% glycerol.
Characters : Liquid
Use: Biochemical studies used to determine the protein 's molecular weight
Save : -20 ° C