High Range RNA Ladder

High Range RNA Ladder

Product description:

English name : RiboRuler High range RNA Ladder

Level : BR

Molecular weight range : 200 to 6000
Product description : The RiboRuler High range RNA Ladder is a mixture of eight chromatography-purified single-stranded RNA transcripts The RNA concentration of each ladder band is precisely measured by spectrophotometry, which makes this ladder ideal for approximate RNA quantification on gels The RiboRulerTM.. High range RNA Ladder is recommended for electrophoresis in the following: native 1% agarose with TAE buffer, denaturing formaldehyde agarose with MOPS buffer, denaturing glyoxal / DMSO agarose with sodium phosphate buffer
The ladder is supplied with 2 * RNA Loading Dye solution
Fragments (in bases): 600040003000200015001000500200
Characters : Liquid
Use: Biochemical studies
Save : -20 ° C