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  • Phytohemagglutinin
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English name : PHA; Phytohemagglutinin
Other names : lectin
CAS: 9008-97-3
Relative molecular weight: 121000 ~ 132,000
Specifications : 2ml * 10支
Principle : PHA mitogen system, can stimulate T lymphocyte transformation to a bulky oocytes cultured in vitro process, generate nucleolus nucleus, some cells split
Usage: Add 2ml of sterile distilled water before, suck out 0.2ml added to the cell culture medium 4ml mix, then add 0.5ml heparin anticoagulated whole blood mixed at 37 ℃ incubator to cultivate 72 hours, the culture broth removed abandoned. the supernatant was transferred to the remaining culture was centrifuged hematocrit tube 2000 rev / min, 15 minutes, the supernatant discarded, take the buffy coat smear staining, microscopy .
Reference : normal lymphocyte transformation rate of 50 to 70%
Properties: The product is Sichuan kidney beans with the scientific method to extract, made ​​from low temperature freeze-drying as a white sterile powder
Uses: For cultured cells; immune function and chromosome studies used in this product is for research use .
Save : 2 ~ 8 ° C stored in the dark and dry place, valid for 2 years