NIKE Nike T-ONE Sport Bottle | Gifts students Capping BPA-resistant cup hot water

NIKE Nike T-ONE Sport Bottle | Gifts students Capping BPA-resistant cup hot water

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Brand: Nike / Nike
  • Product Number: NKNOB13427OS
  • Color Classification: TR gray fashion 473ml 500ml 500ml TR red apple green fashion black hook fashion pink 473ml 473ml 473ml transparent gray purple pink fashion fashion fashion 473ml 473ml dark green tick green fruit NIKE black and yellow and blue JDI JDI fashion fashion 473ml 473ml red sports training 709ml transparent gray (light gray hook) training training 709ml 709ml indigo red sports training 946ml 709ml transparent gray transparent gray motion new JDI JDI new sports 709ml purple pink JDI new sports 709ml 709ml apple green dark green lock cover lock cover lock cover 709ml 709ml purple pink motion FUTURA 709ml blue red lock cover lock cover FUTURA 709ml dark gray lock cover lock cover FUTURA 709ml green FUTURA 709ml blue Ash
  • Suitable for: Adult
  • Capacity: 0.45L
  • material: plastic
  • Time to market: 2013 Fall
  • Is there insulation function: No insulation
  • Whether mounted boiling water: can be mounted boiling water
  • Goods Series: T-ONE series
  • Whether they have anti-corrosion coating: not available
  • Bottle: wide mouth
  • Water way: straw formula
  • Size: 473ml / 946ml
  • Weight: 110g / 170g
  • Origin: Chinese mainland
  • Price tag: 119
  • Sports & Outdoors items: biking mountaineering camping hiking traveling by car travel
  • Style: Outdoor

Name: Nike kettle (T-ONE fashion kettle, T-ONE lock cover sports bottle, T-ONE Capping fashion kettle)
Material: Te Litan Tritan, BPA A
Capacity: See above picture Product
Kettle Model List

Fashion 473ml apple green NKNOB82715OS JDI Fashion 473ml yellow and blue NKNOBA2735OS
Fashion 473ml pink black hook NKNOB82616OS JDI fashion 473ml sport red NKNOBA2602OS
Fashion 473ml purple powder NKNOB82639OS
Fashion 473ml transparent gray NKNOB82048OS Capping fashion 709ml black NKNOB81065OS
473ml black fashion green tick NKNOB82041OS Capping fashion 709ml purple NKNOB81655OS
Fashion 473ml apple green black NIKE NKNOB82712OS Capping fashion 709ml red NKNOB81613OS
Capping fashion 709ml blue NKNOB81462OS
Capping 709ml purple powder NKNOB14640OS
Capping 709ml sport red NKNOB14602OS Capping JDI fashion 709ml Green NKNOB90732OS
Capping 709ml transparent gray NKNOB14030OS Capping JDI 709ml blue fashion NKNOB90418OS
Capping 709ml indigo NKNOB14427OS Capping JDI fashion 709ml purple NKNOB90547OS
Capping 709ml apple green NKNOB14710OS
FU Capping 709ml blue and gray NKNOBA0084OS
FU Capping 709ml purple NKNOBA0679OS