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Histone H1 (calf thymus)

Histone H1 (calf thymus)
  • Histone H1 (calf thymus)
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English name: Histones H1 from calf thymus
MW: 22500

Level: BR
Product Description: Lyophilized A protein important in DNA packing DNA packing is condensing of chromatin into chromosomes Soluble in 100% ethanol, methanol, DMSO or aqueous solutions avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
Appearance: powder, is a class of small molecules basic protein, is one of the five types of histones were dissolved in ethanol, methanol, dimethyl sulfoxide histone gene is very conservative, and distantly related species, and. four histones (H2A, H2A, H3, H4) amino acid sequences are very similar, the differences between the amino acid sequence as sea urchin organization H3 and H3 amino acid sequence derived from calf thymus only one amino acid, an amino acid H3 of calf thymus H3 sequence and peas only 4 different amino acids. H1 sequences of different organisms vary widely, in some organizations, H1 was replaced by a special group of proteins, such as fish and birds mature erythrocytes were in H1 H5 replaced sperm cells by protamine content ratio instead of histones in chromatin histones and DNA is 1: 1.
Use: Biochemical studies rich in basic amino acids with a positive charge, it is possible with the negatively charged DNA phosphate groups interact with the H1's role is to help the latter linear DNA binding form the structure of the product is for advanced scientific research... use
Save: 2 ~ 8 ° C