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  • Mucin
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English name : Mucin from bovine submaxillary glands
CAS: 84195-52-8
Level : BR

Extract Source : Bovine submandibular gland
Product description : A dry powder suitable as a substrate for neuraminidase Bovine submaxillary mucin has a molecular weight of 4 ~ 40 * 105Da The molecule consists of major and minor components with a protein moiety (36.6% of the molecula) and a carbohydrate moiety.. (56.7 of the molecule)
Characters : white or brown powder mucin sugar chain molecular weight of more than 50% of the total, sometimes up to 80 percent in a single O- glycan side chains in nucleoprotein glycoside bond and covalently bonded to each other forming millions of molecular weight macromolecule. the molecule contains a lot of water, gelled, covering the mucosal surface .
Use: Biochemical studies mucin is the main component of the epithelial cells, plays a role in cell protection and lubrication of this product is for research use .
Save : 2 ~ 8 ° C