Product description:

English name : Fibronectin from human plasma; CIG; Cold insoluble globulin

Other names : Fibronectin (human blood); fiber -chain protein; fibronectin; fibronectin; serum fibronectin

CAS: 86088-83-7

Level : Cell culture tested
Purity :) 95% (SDS-PAGE)
Biological activity: Tested for the promotion of adherence of 3T3 (NR6) cells (XTT cleavage)
Species specificity: Active on most mammalian cells.
Working concentration: 5 μg / cm2 for the coating of cell culture vessels
matrix spacer: 1 atom
capacity: ≥30 mg / mL binding capacity (human IgG)

Appearance: white powder
Use: Biochemical studies .Fibronectin promotes the attachment and subsequent spreading of many cells It is used for the coating of culture dishes
Save : -20 ℃