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  • PUC18
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Other names: PUC18 plasmid

Level: BR

Concentration ratio: 1ug / ul

Characters: Powder .pUC18 suitable for dideoxy DNA sequencing vectors usually used in recombinant dna molecular cloning, we first prepared competent E. coli cells (to accept alien dna recombinant), which must be competent strain Different genetic recombination of foreign DNA molecules, usually rec gene-deficient mutants, and they must be limiting system defect or restriction and modification system strains deficient, i.e. with having these three defects (rk mk rec), while ampicillin sensitive (ap) .puc18 carrier with its own ampicillin resistance gene, and the outer source fragments do not have, so that only puc18 transformant strain having to survive on ampicillin plates, the outer ring of the source clip itself We can not survive, it is called resistance selection. β- galactosidase gene (lacZ) regulatory sequences and coding sequences semi β- galactosidase N-terminal 146 amino acids with a pUC18, in the coding region is inserted a multiple cloning site, and does not affect the normal function, DH5α competent strains with encoded information β- galactosidase C-terminal part of the sequence, when puc18 carrier in the same below the normal circumstances competent strain fusion expression of enzymes with complementary activity of the protein, called α- complementary phenomenon, when there is an exogenous fragment into multiple cloning sites, the complementary disappeared, strain the color of its formation has great difference, it is easy to identify, such screening method called α- Mutuality screened by the visible, puc18 carrier in addition to exogenous recombinant fragment, the expression in the screening process also plays an important role

Use: Biochemical studies of exogenous gene cloning gene expression utilizing lac promoter subjected to DNA sequencing using M13 primers....

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