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Cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride

Cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride
  • Cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride
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English Name : CTAC; Hexadecytrimethylammonium chloride; C16-alkyltrimethylammonium chloride; Cetrimonium chloride; Cetyltrimethylammonium Chloride; N-Hexadecyltrimethylammonium chloride; Adogen 444; Aliquat 6
Other names : cetyl alkyl trimethyl ammonium chloride; cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride; cetrimonium chloride; cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride,
CAS: 112-02-7
C19H42ClN = 320.0
Level : Ultra Purity Grade
Content : ≥99.0%
Chloride : ≤0.01%
Heavy Metal : ≤0.001%
Characters: the white powder, a water-soluble quaternary ammonium salt melting point 232 ~ 234 ℃ for eye and skin irritation. .. .
Use: Biochemical studies prepared fairly stable permanganate is used as the selective oxidizing agent catalyst surfactants applied, emulsifiers, disinfectants, sterilization group, antistatic agents .
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