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  • Sarcosyl
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English name: SLS; N-Lauroyl Sarcosine Sodium; Sarkosyl; Sodium lauroylsarcosinate; Sodium N-dodecanoyl-N-methylglycinate; N-Methyl-N- (1-oxododecyl) glycine sodium salt
Other names: N- lauroyl sarcosine; sodium lauryl muscle amino; N- methyl -N- sodium lauroyl glycine; -N- sodium lauroyl glycine; lauroyl methyl -N- sodium glycine; N- -N- sodium lauroyl glycine; lauroyl sarcosinate
CAS: 137-16-6
C15H28NNaO3 = 293.39
Level: Reagent Grade
Content: ≥95.0%
pH (10%, Water) @ 25C: 7.5 ~ 8.5
Sodium Laurate: ≤4.0%
Traits: white hygroscopic crystalline powder maximum absorption wavelength 220265nm.
Additives biochemical studies anionic surfactant hexokinase inhibitor anionic detergent can be used to separate yeast RNA RNA, DNA isolation, purification of a cell lysing agent, DNA was isolated from human serum when purposes:.... , you can also add the product to increase the nitrogen-fixing ability of rhizobia in immunochemical also has many applications
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