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Tween 60

Tween 60
  • Tween 60
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English name: Tween 60; Polyethylene glycol sorbitan monostearate; Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate
Other names: spit mixing 60; polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate; polyethoxylated sorbitol stearate; polyethylene oxide sorbitan monostearate; Emulsifier T-60 ; polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate ether; sorbitan monostearate polyoxyethylene ethers; polyethylene oxide sorbitan ester rigid single
CAS: 9005-67-8

Molecular formula: C24H46O6` (C2H4O) n
Grade: Solid color

Saponification value: 45 ~ 55KOHmg / g
Maximum operating temperature: 150 ℃

Alkalinity (OH- meter): 150mmol / g
Loss test: Qualified
Characters:.... Pale yellow oily liquid fatty odor soluble in water, isopropanol and ethanol, insoluble in mineral oil and vegetable oil relative density of about 1.1 to about 600mPa`s viscosity hydrophilic-lipophilic flash point value HLB 14.9) 149. ℃.
Use: Biochemical studies of non-ionic surfactants gas chromatography stationary phase (maximum use temperature of 160 ℃), separation and analysis of fatty acid esters, alcohols, ketones and halide plus solvent-soluble emulsifier antistatic textile industry..... agents and fiber lubricants
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