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Wetting agent P-40

Wetting agent P-40
  • Wetting agent P-40
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English name: NP-40; Nonidet P-40 Substitute; 4-Nonylphenyl-polyethylene glycol; Imbentin-N / 52
Other names: humectants P-40; nonylphenol ethers; nonylphenol ethoxylate; polyethoxynonylphenol; polyoxyethylene nonylphenyl ether; Nuona De P40; N-40 replacement ethylphenyl polyethylene glycol;; Lele fans; α- (nonylphenyl) -ω- hydroxy (oxo -12- ethanediyl) polymer composition
CAS: 9016-45-9

Molecular formula: C15H24O` (C2H4O) n
Level: BioChemika Grade
Refractive index: 1.49
pH: 5 ~ 8 (5% in H2O)
CMC: 0.059 mM (20-25 ℃)
transition temp: cloud point 45 ~ 50 ℃
density: 1.06 g / mL at 20 ℃
chloride (Cl-): ≤500 mg / kg
sulfate (SO42-): ≤100 mg / kg
Properties: colorless or yellowish liquid, mixture of 15 homologues hygroscopic in soft water, hard water, salt, alkali and acid solutions are stable on storage may become cloudy, but heating to 40 ℃ that is able to clarify.... miscible with water, the solution was neutral, soluble in polar organic solvents. irritant
Use: Biochemical studies of non-ionic surfactant cleaners lubricants emulsifier.....
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